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The "Ultra Thin" SISU™ mouth guard offers 30% more protection while allowing the athletes to speak, breathe and drink much easier. Athletes from all sports find the SISU™ mouth guard to be less cumbersome, much more comfortable and easy to use, as it stays firmly in place.

Currently being used by:

  • Major Colleges and Universities
  • Professional Athletes
  • US National Teams
  • High School & Club Teams
  • International Sports Teams
  • Youth Travel Teams
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Adult Leagues


Recommended for all sports:

Football • Lacrosse • Hockey • Soccer • Basketball • Wrestling

Field Hockey • Baseball & Softball • Martial Sports • Skiing

Volleyball • Snowboarding • Skateboarding • Airsoft • Rugby

Freerunning • Racquetball • Gymnastics • Water Polo • Etc


Department of Defense Seal Chosen by the Department of Defense for Research & Development into Combat Applications.
Special Forces testing in Afghanistan 
Made in America - FDA Approved Materials ISO Certified
Made in America using FDA Approved Materials. BPA, PVC, and Latex Free. ISO Certified 

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